website upgrade notice


This notice is to inform all previous Meat Industry users of the Meat Force Web Site owned and operated by the (CPMCA) regarding the following upgrades and changes to our site.

  1. All users must now first of all register to use the job posting, resume posting and blog.  The easiest way to do this is to post a job or a resume.  The system will automatically create an account for you.  This is automatically sent to our office for approval.  Once you have an account, if you want to post another new job, or edit the existing job, you can login with the link top right.  Use the career’s tab and pull down menu to access job postings and resume uploading.
  2. After posting your job, our office will again be automatically notified and your job posting will be cleared and will appear on the bottom left corner of our home page, and on the job listings page. These first 2 steps are to ensure that your posting is from a legitimate company or store.
  3. Job and Resume postings are application deadline date controlled, therefore a reminder is sent out to the user that the posting when it expires. An e-mail address is also provided so the user can contact our office in case your advert requires renewal.
  4. Individual meat cutters may also post their resumes on our site for businesses to view. For security reasons only businesses registered to use the site will be able to see the resume files.
  5. We now have a WHATS NEW page where we will post changes to our site or other Industry related news.
  6. TRAINING MANUAL:   You do not have to register to purchase our training manual which is now posted on the site and is accessed on the main page (center) or via the TABS with reviews of each of the chapters. Purchase of the manual is available on line through a secure system.  Payment can be made by all major credit cards or by the purchase of a pre-paid credit card. Again,  once your payment is approved you are notified automatically and your order is generated (about 2 weeks)
  7. MEAT BLOG: We encourage Meat Industry operators and employees to use our Blog to share what’s happening or post new developments from your industry sector.
  8. The DASHBOARD at top of the main page allows access to specific content for employers or jobs posted.  When logged in to the system, employers see their current job postings, and current resumes that are available to them.  Individuals see available jobs and their own resume posting for editing purposes.

Thank you for using the CPMCA Meat Force website.

Ken Jakes   Secretary / Treasurer, CPMCA


Launching Updated website:

As of June 7th , 2014 the CPMCA has updated their website to provide the following services:

  • Improved the navigation system and added user log in and management features
  • Added online store for purchase of our training manual
  • Job posting page
  • Added resume posting
  • Added our Blog
  • Added a whats new page

Great News for BC Apprentice Meat Cutters

Great News and opportunity for BC Apprentice Meat Cutters:

The BC Meat Cutter Apprenticeship a designated NON-RED SEAL Program under the (ITA) Industry training Authority; offers TAX CREDITS for apprentices

On completion of Level 1 and 1500 hours (WBT) = $1,000
On completion of Level 2 and 3000 hours (WBT) = $1,000
On achievement of certification (CofQ) including the 4,500 WBT hours) = $2,000
(WBT) Work based training.
(CofQ) Certificate of qualification

BC Meat Cutters: For further information go to this link:

As an experienced Meat Cutter how many hours must I accumulate to qualify and challenge the Trade Qualification examination? Also for Out of Province Meat Cutters

  • This option is for Meat Cutters already working in Industry that have had no prior formal apprenticeship training.
  • Must have documented proof of 6750 hours of previous Industry work experience
  • This exam is processed directly through the ITA
  • There is a fee to write the exam.
  • Study prior to the exam is recommended (Packages should be available in the near future)
  • The (CPMCA ) Canadian Professional Meat Cutters Association Meat Cutter training manual used to train both Entry Level trainees and Meat Cutter Apprentices is available through the CPMCA Treasurer: Ken Jakes at 236-425-1972 or e-mail : or
  • In the event that you fail the exam you can apply to write the paper again at a later date as determined by the ITA
  • Should you fail a second time you would be recommended to take up-grading as determined by the ITA.
  • This could mean taking Apprenticeship training at TRU in Kamloops.
  • Out of Province Meat Cutters:
  • Meat cutters from other Provinces wishing to gain a BC Meat Cutter certificate of qualification (CofQ) can complete their required hours of training in their home Province
  • However you are required to write the (CofQ) examination in BC and provide valid photo ID.