Advertising & Labeling

manual_spineThis module provides information on nomenclature, food labeling, and advertising requirements as well as policies which apply to statements and claims made for foods. The information has been reproduced from Health Canada materials on nutrition labelling and from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency 2003 Guide to Food Labelling and Advertising.

Advertising & Labeling topics:

  • Legislative Framework Governing foods
  • Key Acts & Regulations
  • Relevent Federal Legislation
  • Purpose of Food Labeling
  • Food Advertising Responsibilities
  • Sources of Labeling & Product Claims
  • Basic Labeling Requirements
  • Foods Requiring Labeling
  • Bilingual Requirements
  • Origin Claims
  • Nutritional Content Claims, Labeling
  • Diet related Health Claims
  • Uniform Meat Cuts Nomenclature System for all species