Animal Harvesting

harvesting_1Harvesting Topics include:

  • History of Inspection
  • Ante & Post Mortem
  • Stunning
  • Slaughter
  • Beef Anatomy
  • By-products
  • Specified Risk Materials

In Canada, provincial Meat Inspection Acts and Regulations are quite similar to Federal Meat Inspection legislation. In our Provinces and Territories all meat intended for public sale comes from animals which receive an ante mortem and a postmortem inspection. Adoption of Federal standards in the provincial system, provide consumers with the same degree of protection as that provided by plants under Federal Inspection. Even though the Provincial system is based on the same principles as the Federal system, meat from provincial abattoirs can not be sold outside of the Province. Inspection of meat destined for inter provincial or international trade remains under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Federal system.

Granted we cover the above topics in some detail, we don’t exhaust them by any means. We are looking to develop and offer a more detailed descriptive learning Module for each of the subjects listed.