Today’s concerns with BSE has seen governments take action toward protecting both Consumers and the Beef Industry. Safety systems and checks have been developed and implemented at production and processing levels of the industry. One of these systems is HACCP which regulates most of the wholesale sector but little has been done at the retail end. Consumers demand and Industry needs should be the driving force behind education in this regard. It is exactly these types of concerns that make it imperative that those working with food need acquire nationally recognized training and certification.

With the onslaught of technology, quartered beef is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain from the larger Meat Packing Plants. Most beef is now cry-o-vac’d in atmosphere controlled packaging and sold as: Block Ready, Knife Ready, or Counter Ready Meats. The main reason behind all this is marketing with other benefits such as, handling, storage, shipment with an extended shelf life, and economics.

Some Beef Module Topics are:

  • Definition of Beef and Beef Quarters
  • Fabrication of Beef Carcasses
  • Old Fashioned Methods of Processing
  • Beef Grading and Inspection Systems
  • Internal Organs
  • Processing Safety and Disease Controls
  • Basic Labeling Reguirements