manual_spineMath isn’t everybody’s favorite subject but it is and intergal part of any business and the Meat Industry is a business. So, important to anyone wanting to become a part of the industry is knowledge of how the industry stays in business. Whether you’re looking to run your own business or be employed in one, it is always good to know which side of the balance sheet you are on. After all, either way, your livelihood depends on it, and what better way to become acquainted with the positive side than developing a sound understanding of Business Math Procedures.

Topics include:

  • Metric Calculations
  • Determining Mark-up on Selling
  • Determining Mark-up on Cost
  • Cost Price Mark-up verses Selling Price Mark-up
  • Using Reciprocal Factors
  • Determining Mark-down Methods
  • Shrink Analysis (Breakeven)
  • Performing an Increase Analysis (Breakeven)
  • Cutting Test Analysis
  • Inventory and Income Statements
  • Successful Meat Departments