Meat Science

scienceMeat Science is the study of the composition, nutritional value, wholesomeness and consumer acceptability, largely determined from the initial conception, growth and development of the domestic animal to the time of harvest and to the ultimate processing, preparation, distribution, cooking and consumption of its meat.

Meat Science topics:

  • Structure of Meat
  • Chemical Composition of Skeletal Muscle
  • Chemical Changes occuring prior to and after Harvest
  • Tenderizing Process & Aging of Meats
  • Meat Toughness
  • Electrical Stimulation for Post Mortem Carcasses
  • Meat Color & Discoloration
  • PSE & DFD Meat Facts
  • Meat Nutrition
  • Cholestrol content of Meat
  • Residues in Meats
  • Lymphnodes & Glands