meat_storePackaging is defined as the unifying link of the food system from production through processing, distribution and ultimately, the consumer purchase. Packaging permits the consumer to carry easily, liquids, free-flowing powders, and other individual food portions (such as fresh meat) which are not transportable, unless contained. Packaging separates the product from the surrounding environment. Packaging protects against the entry of contaminative materials, such as dirt, dust, air, etc. Packaging assures the volatile aromatic and flavour components are safely sealed. Packaging serves as a method to bring together large number of single units or individual packages to permit ease in distribution. Packaging and its label identify the nature and quantity of the product contained within.

Topics include:

  • Packaging Materials
  • Protective Properties of Packaging
  • Selecting Packaging Materials
  • Vacuum Packaging
  • Shrink Packaging
  • MAP Packaging