Many people are becoming very conscious of their diet and weight, and this has lead to increased consumption of poultry. Poultry, like beef, is high in protein and low in cholesterol. This combination fits very well for diet conscious people. Another reason for increased consumption is that there are many new poultry dishes found in cook books and, being adventurous, Canadians like to try them.

Further, todays concerns with Avian Fluenza dictate that those in the industry be knowledgeable about the proper and safe handling, storage, and temperature control of poultry and poultry items. Consumers demand and Industry needs are the driving force behind education in this regard. It is exactly these types of concerns, Avian Fluenza, that make it imperative that those working with food need acquire nationally recognized training certification.

This Module provides descriptive diagrams and graphics that serve as a guide in the development of hands-on skills for processing Poultry.

Poultry Topics include:

  • Harvesting and Processing Methods
  • Grading and Inspection
  • Handling, Receiving, and Storage Tips
  • Temperature Controls
  • Carcass Segmenting
  • Basic Labeling Requirements
  • Cooking Tips