Over the centuries sausage making has developed into an art. Since the first sausage making endeavours, better and more effective processing equipment has been developed, very defined and exotic flavourings have been discovered, and new ingredients to overcome manufacturing troubles came into use, to improve quality, reduce shrinkage, and enhance profits. However, the basic idea still exists: Stores that manufacture sausage have a better and much more profitable utilization of their trimmings, they can offer significantly better trimmed counter meat, and finally they have a much greater variety of products to offer their customers.

This module endeavors to emphasize the quality of sausage in all facets of its presentation. After all, Sausage is not in any case “a” utility product; it is, rather, a delicacy which is consumed in countless variations, in many famous places all around the world.

Sausage Topics include:

  • History of Sausage Manufacturing
  • Preparing Suitable Materials
  • Species Material Sorting
  • Commonly used spices
  • Common Non-Meat Ingredients
  • Recipes and Recipe Calculations
  • Processing Formulas
  • Casing Types and their use
  • Cooking Containers
  • Curing
  • Fermentation
  • Smoking
  • Binders and Extenders
  • Calculating Fat usage and Restricted Ingredients
  • Types of Sausage
  • Processing Methods: Manual and Mechanical