manual_spineThe term “veal” refers to meat which is derived from the young of the bovine species. Generally, veal is derived from male calves born into the dairy industry. As a result, the majority of the veal carcasses are dairy breeds such as Holstein, Ayrshire and Guernsey. Veal consumption in Canada in 1992 was only 0.5 kilograms or 1.1 pounds, per capita. Most veal is sold through restaurants. Because of the low demand, veal may not available in many retail markets.

This Module provides descriptive diagrams and graphics that serve as a guide in the development of hands-on skills for processing Veal.

Veal Topics include:

  • Veal Classification
  • Veal growing and feeding systems
  • Veal Grading
  • Fabrication and Processing of Primal and Sub-primal Cuts
  • Internal Organs
  • Basic Labeling Requirements