Zachary Pimentel says, I cannot begin to express my Gratitude to both the Canadian Meat Cutter’s Association as well as my Professors at Fanshawe college for providing me the opportunity to be awarded the Canadian Professional Meat Cutters annual award for excellence. The award money I have received is immediately going to be used to help achieve my goal of one day opening my own butchery shop in my hometown, my goal will be to offer high quality meat products to people that have not yet had the opportunity to experience in my hometown. I would like to thank Professor Troy Spicer the lead coordinator for the Professional Butchery Techniques Program over at Fanshawe; without his passion for the industry and incredible teaching abilities I would not be receiving this award. Without people like Troy Spicer and groups like the CPMCA supporting people like me I doubt I would have the confidence and the knowledge to begin crafting my dream of opening what will hopefully be known as “The Hamlet Butchery” in Woodstock Ontario; I cannot thank them enough for this opportunity.