Animal Harvesters – Federal & Provincial Abbattoirs

What will I be doing?
Animal harvesters are a vital link in the meat processing chain. Working in meat processing plants, animal harvesters use stunning devices and knives to prepare animals for processing. These workers also use knives to remove hides, inedible parts and other non-essential animal parts; and may harvest cattle, and other animals as prescribed by religious practices.

What training do I need?
Most Animal Harvesters are provided with basic workplace training once they’re on the job or you could enroll at Canada’s only educational facility that teaches animal harvesting.

Olds College, Alberta: Is the only School teaching Animal Harvesting.

What kind of salary and working conditions can I expect?
Depending on your level of experience, and your provincial standards, Animal Harvesters can typically earn up to $30,000 (est.) per year.

Animal Harvesters work indoors in warm environments, and are expected to adhere to strict hygienic and humane guidelines. Working with knives, stunning equipment and other harvesting tools, Animal Harvesters work on their feet and lift items up to 25 kg while working in shifts.

What are my career options?
Animal Harvesters often use skills honed in meat processing plants to become Industrial and Retail Meat Cutters, or move on to become Trainers, Supervisors or Managers. Many of these people also get involved in the meat industry’s rendering and hide processing sector.