What will I be doing?
If you are the kind of person who feels best working for themselves, the meat industry offers you unlimited opportunity. With knowledge and training in meat cutting behind you, the meat sector is full of potential if you have the drive to run your own business

Whether it’s running a specialty meat boutique in the big city or a neighbourhood butcher shop in a small town, you have the opportunity to build the kind of business you want and that suits you.

Running your own business is not for everyone; but if you have the entrepreneurial spirit and drive, the meat industry has lots of opportunity. Being your own boss means you not only have all the responsibilities of running an efficient meat cutting operation to serve your customers, but you also have the responsibilities of being a small business owner. That means taking care of details like your business premises, hiring staff and providing training, looking after bookkeeping and other business activities to grow the operation.

What training do I need?
For an entrepreneur in this industry, learning the meat cutting profession is only half the job. In addition, the entrepreneur must learn all the aspects of running his or her own profitable business. Definitely consider enrolling at one of Canada’s post secondary meat training programs to gain a meat cutting certificate; helping you move up more quickly to become an effective entrepreneur. In addition it would be advantageous to participate in evening courses in running your own business to getting an MBA at a recognized business school or university.

What kind of salary and working conditions can I expect?
Owning your own business offers you unlimited earning potential; but most small business owners find they plough most of their earnings back into growing the company in the early years. Though you’re your “own boss”, you’ll have employees, customers and suppliers who rely on you.

What are my career options?
Owning your own business is one of the most transferable of job skills. Each day is a lesson in business which adds to your value as an entrepreneur or is transferable should you go to work for or run another company