Retail Meat Cutter

What will I be doing?
As a retail meat cutter, you’ll be working behind and in front of the counter at local grocery stores, specialty meat shops and other retail establishments to prepare and produce wholesome and attractive meat cuts that catch the consumer’s eye.

Duties vary from one job to another but, in general, retail meat cutters:

  • Receive, store, prepare and rotate meat products
  • Maintain storage, preparation and sales areas in accordance with an approved sanitation and safety program
  • Ensure meat quality
  • Package, price and attractively display meat items
  • Prepare and market ready-to-cook and partially/fully prepared meat items
  • Display meat products properly
  • Serve customers
  • Cut orders to meet special needs

What training do I need?
Enroll at one of Canada’s post secondary meat training programs to gain a meat cutting certificate; helping you move up more quickly in your career, or you can also get started in the industry just by seeking employment and training in retail establishments.

What kind of salary and working conditions can I expect?
Depending on your level of experience, education and provincial standards, Retail Meat Cutters can typically earn up to $50,000 (est.) per year.

You can expect to work indoors, behind the meat counter in the meat section of the grocery store, and in temperature-controlled conditions including freezer areas.

You’ll be on your feet for most of the work day and routinely lift items weighing up to 25 kilograms. You’ll also work with sharp instruments such as knives and saws in addition to other meat cutting machines to craft quality meat cuts.

What are my career options?
As a Retail Meat Cutter at most retail establishments you can move up the ranks quickly if you are you’re willing to work hard and take on responsibilities. Like working with people? Become a manager or supervisor. Like working with specialty cuts? Get into the world of value-added processing. Like the business of meat and want to work for yourself? Learn the trade and open your own custom meat shop.