Sales Manager

What will I be doing?
Sales Manager is a critical position in any meat operation. He or she is the person responsible for moving the company’s products and making money for the company.

A sales manager is as much analyst as seller. He or she must know all the company’s products and their potential in the marketplace. This means an in depth knowledge of the company’s processing, capabilities and products. It also means analyzing the market, looking for opportunities which could mean increased sales for the company. It also means knowing the consumers and their preferences. This ability to spot trends and consumer wants is critical to the future of the company.

Your job will start with a full understanding of the operation of the company and your knowledge of the names and uses of all the cuts of meat. Part of that is a understanding of product rotation and inventory control. With your sales hat on, you will be calling or personally visiting clients on a regular basis to find out what clients need and emphasize how your company can meet those needs.

On a daily basis, you will quote prices, credit terms, delivery dates and prepare sales proposals. When deals are made, you will prepare sales invoices and reports, process orders and make delivery arrangements. Following up with clients to resolve any problems after a sale and provide ongoing support is vital, as is helping collect delinquent accounts

On an ongoing basis, you will keep up to date with information about product innovations, competitors and market conditions and adjust sales strategies accordingly. Sales requires a significant amount of reporting so you will prepare sales projection figures for the coming year and regular reports on the current one.

What training do I need?
Many sales people in the meat industry have come up through the production ranks. Others have come in from other sales organizations. Larger companies can have major sales organizations with room for interns and other people just learning the sales business. To break into the sales sector of the meat industry consider enrolling at one of Canada’s post secondary meat training programs to gain a meat cutting certificate; helping you move up more quickly in your career, Smaller organizations tend to have a single sales manager who provides existing staff with opportunities for learning the business.

What kind of salary and working conditions can I expect?
Depending on your level of experience, education and your provincial standards, Sales Managers can typically earn up to $85,000 (est.) per year.

The salary sales managers make in the meat industry varies greatly with the size of the organization and its location.

What are my career options?
Sales management is very portable skill, in demand in all industries, not just the food sector. Just as people come into the meat business from other sales organizations, people move from this industry to others