Veterinary food inspector/Meat inspector




Personal Details


Year of birth                                                                                                1982


Sex                                                                                                                Male


Marital status                                                                                             Married


Drivers licence                                                                                           Class 4(light motor vehicle)


Nationality                                                                                                  Zimbabwean


Languages                                                                                                   English,Shona,Ndebele


Work permit/Visa                                                                                       None


Educational Details

Bachelor of commerce in Economics                                                   University of  South Africa,


Diploma in Meat Hygiene                                                                       Bulawayo Polytechnic,2014

Certificate in Meat Inspection                                                               Bulawayo Polytechnic,2010

Matric Exemption                                                                                    Higher Education South                                                                                                                            Africa,2007

General Certificate in Education                                                           Ordinary Level (University

Of Cambridge Local

Examinations Syndicate)


Employment History


Job title                                                       Employer                                                         Duration


Veterinary Food Inspector                      Government of Zimbabwe                            since 2005


Current duties


Working within abattoirs and meat processing plants so as to ensure compliance with relevant legislation which ensures production and transportation of wholesome food products.This legislation complies with Codex Alimentarius guidelines for the food industry together the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point protocols for the food industry.



-ensuring that healthy animals are slaughterd.

-ensuring that every animal carcass is free of disease or any other harmful abnormality.

-ensuring that the production process does not produce contaminated food products.

-ensuring that the food product is produced and stored at the proper temperature.

-ensuring that condemned matter is disposed of properly

-ensuring that the proper ingredients are being used during food processing.

-ensuring that products are properly labelled

-ensuring that the production process maintains the proper level of cleanliness together with ensuring that workers maintain proper personal hygiene.

-ensuring that the proper chemicals are being used during cleaning operations.

-ensuring the cleanliness and proper storage temperature for food products in vehicles used to transport food products.

-inspecting abattoirs and food plants for annual certification purposes.

-checking documentation for imported or exported food products so as to ensure that the documentation complies with the  physical product.

-port health duties

-any other duties as required by the veterinary public health officer(veterinary doctor)


Willing to relocate and does not mind working over  weekends



Veterinary Public Health Officer

Dr G Zhandire

Veterinary Public Health Department

P.O Box RY72






DR C Mupfunya

Veterinary Public Health Department






General Certificate Of Education (Ordinary Level) at Musengezi High School

Passes in English Language,Literature in English,Mathematics,Agriculture,Principles of Accounts,General Science,Religious Studies ,History.
Examination board was the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate


National Certificate in Meat Hygiene at Bulawayo Polytechnic,Zimbabwe

Qualification is an entry qualification for employment in the Veterinary Public Health(VPH) branch of the Department of Veterinary Services in Zimbabwe.The VPH oversees all aspects of food safety for veterinary food products which are produced in Zimbabwe or imported and exported.

Enrolment into the course requires one to be employed by the Veterinary Public Health and then work for at least a full year in the department before going for theoretical training.

2011 -2014

National Diploma in Meat Hygiene at Bulawayo Poytechnic

Qualification is a an advancement from the National certificate in Meat Inspection.It is done in a minimum period of two years.It is also used as an entry qualification into various undergraduate degrees in environmental health,Public health,food science and food technology.


Bachelor of Commerce in Economics at University of South Africa


2007 to current

Meat Inspector/Veterinary Food Inspector at Veterinary Services Department of Zimbabwe

I enforce government legislation in relation to food safety in slaughter houses,veterinary food processing plants and ports of entry or departure.I am now quite immune to feeling the monotony of repeating the same tasks over and over again especially as relating to the repetitive tasks involved in meat inspection.I have been doing this job since 2007

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