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Yousif Muhammed

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OBJECTIVE: Meat Supervisor



§   5 years’ slaughterhouse experience including in supervisory QA and QC role to SOPs of meat industry

§  Post Graduate Diploma in Internal & Preventive Veterinary Medicine with strengths in post-mortem study & clinical pathology as well as a Master’s Degree in Biotechnology

§   Quality management  HACCP, GMP, ISOs, Codex Alimentarius

§  Strong communication, teamwork, supervisory, problem solving, policy management & report writing

§  Disciplined; attentive  to detail; prioritize and effectively manage multiple responsibilities simultaneously

§  Fluent in English, Kurdish and Arabic; good in Persian


relevant competencies
§  Monitoring of temperature sensitive equipment, of denaturing areas and HIP examination

§  Monitoring of new product specs, packaging, product id’s, shipping docks and trailers

§  Monitoring of GMP’s/verification of sanitation in production floor, storage and welfare areas

§  Onsite verification of CCP effectiveness, in-ops & product compliance to required quality standards

§  Carcass & offal Inspection, grading and assessment; temperatures & pre-shipment review

§  Performing tests to verify the cleanliness of equipment after sanitation and reporting on results

§  Calibrating and maintaining of lab equipment

§  Completing paperwork related to quality HACCP and SQF

§  Training and assisting new employees

professional background
Veterinarian, Molecular Dpt., Central Vet Lab, Kurdistan Regional Gov’t, Iraqi Kurdistan               2015 – 2016

Ran samples using PCR and Gel electrophoresis
Prepared DNA and RNA samples and purification for PCR experiments in biological hood class 2
Ran the PCR 7500 machine for the purpose of infectious disease diagnoses
Troubleshot; reported on results; prepared and presented workshops
Scholarship student/Master of Biotechnology, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia                  2013 – 2015

§  Awarded a scholarship to attend this program; conducted lab experiments and increased knowledge and experience in Proteomics, Genomics, Cell biology, Medical Biotechnology, Protein discovery, Bioinformatics and analysis


Veterinarian-Instructor, Serology & ELISA, Central Vet Lab, Kurdistan Regional Gov’t, Iraqi Kurdistan   2011 – 2012

§  Conducted serological surveying to investigate the immune status of infectious diseases such as FMD in large animals, PPR in sheep and goats and AIV, ND, IBD and IB, in poultry using ELISA

§   Member of team diagnosed PPR virus in wild goat population in Barzan Village-Kurdistan,  and avian influenza H5  in poultry farms using PCR machine


Vet & Lab Technologist, Histopathology, Central Vet Lab, Kurdistan Regional Gov’t, Iraqi Kurdistan   2010 – 2011

§  Prepared samples (Blood, Urine, Stool, Smears, and Tissues) and processed using centrifugation, sample staining, embedding stations, tissue processor, microtomes and microscope

Taught/trained and mentored new employees
Yousif Muhammed

Phone: 604.760.7731 ● Email:
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Food Safety, QA & QC – Erbil Slaughterhouse     Veterinary Directorate, Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan Region                 2008 – 2010

Responsible for QA/QC regarding meat processing at Erbil Meat Plant
§   Supervised meat quality and monitored slaughter house sanitation of production floors, storage   and welfare areas

§  Performed ante-mortem examinations and  post mortem meat inspections

§  Prepared and presented workshops on haemorrhagic fever, FMD and Hydatidosis; notified authorities promptly of the presence of reportable disease

Provided training and training refreshers to new and current  employees
Monitored temperatures and checked packing materials
Performed carcass grading of cattle, sheep, and goats
Reported daily information to the QA Manager
Veterinarian, Erbil Veterinary Hospital, Veterinary Directorate, Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan                 2007 – 2008

§  Supervised the laboratory as well as the vaccination program

§  Diagnosed diseases in animals

§  Taught Veterinary Assistants about animal nutrition, animal welfare and zoonotic diseases

§  Performing ant-mortem and post mortem examination at Erbil slaughterhouse night shift


Resident Veterinarian, Koya Sub-District Veterinary Hospital, Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan                             2004 – 2005

§  Diagnosed diseases, supervised lab results, treated animals and prepared and presented workshops

§  Supervised lab experiments

§  Responsible of Koya Slaughter house and performed meat inspections night shift time

§  Reporting meat hygiene

§  Monitoring slaughterhouse sanitation and Training new employees

§  Performed and monitored vaccination program of poultry and animals flocks


education and training
Master of Biotechnology, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia                                                 2013 – 2015


Quality Management & Animal Veterinary Training (Meat Industry)                                                         2008

HACCP, GMP, ISOs, Codex Alimentarius, Italia Pegasus Institute, Forli, Italy


Post Graduate Diploma in Internal and Preventive Veterinary Medicine                                    2006 – 2007

Baghdad University, Baghdad, Iraq


Bachelor’s Degree in Veterinary Medicine, Sulaimani University, Sulaimani, Iraq                     1999 – 2004


professional associations
Member of the Veterinary Association of Kurdistan                                                                              2004 – 2017


volunteer involvements
Veterinary Technician, Burnaby New Westminster Animal Hospital                                                          2017 – Pres

Data Entry, Greater Vancouver Food Bank                                                                                                                           2017 – Pres

Founder, Areen Organization to Preserve Animals Nature (NGO)                                                               2010 – Pres

Head, Federation of Environmental Organizations                                                                                            2012 – Pres




Yousif Muhammed

Address: 905 – 7434 Kingsway ● Burnaby, BC ● V3N 3B7

Phone: 604.760.7731 ● Email:


Dr. Didar Hayder Qasab, Deputy Manager

Central Vet Lab, Serology and ELISA Department, Iraqi Kurdistan



Dr. Younis Anwar Ahmed, Manager

Erbil Veterinary Hospital, Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan



Khalid Jabbar Aziz, former colleague

Currently: Faculty member, Animal Dept., Salddin University, Iraqi Kurdistan



Dr.Sherzad J. Faeq

Planning Manager and Head of Food Safety, Erbil Veterinary Directorate




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