Chapter 9: Seafood

Canada’s fishing areas fall into four main divisions: Atlantic, Pacific, inland waters and aquaculture operations. Commercial fishing is important to the Canadian economy contributing billions of dollars annually to our gross domestic product.

This chapter talks about the different fishing methods used in commercial fishing in Canada, the types of fish caught in Canadian waters (saltwater, freshwater and shellfish), along with their common characteristics (flat fish, round fish, etc.). It also covers market forms of fish, fish processing and various species of fish and shellfish found in Canadian waters complete with a description of each and their distinguishing characteristics.

Again, the emphasis of the chapter is quality of product, presentation and quality controls. Other topics include microbiology as it affects seafood, bacteria that act as spoilage organisms and natural phenomena’s that impact seafood. Included is the handling, storage, labelling and displaying of seafood along with information consumers of seafood should be aware of.