Meat Inspector

What will I be doing?
The meat inspector is a critical component to Canada’s safe and highly regarded meat packing industry. He or she carries the responsibility of ensuring the meat processing facilities are operated to the highest sanitation and food safety standards. As a meat inspector, you will be working inside various operations to ensure they adhere to the regulations and standards. Inspectors experience a wide variety of working environments depending on their specialty. You may be working in livestock auction markets and terminal yards, frozen food plants, and meat processing plants.

A meat inspector’s role in meat processing facilities is actually much bigger than the important job inspecting meat. They are also responsible for ensuring the conditions in the plant contribute to keeping Canada’s meat production industry safe and healthy.


  • Inspect facilities for sanitation and adherence to company, federal and provincial regulations regarding the manufacture, preparation and packaging of meat products.
  • Determine if animals are healthy and fit for slaughter
  • Inspect animal carcasses to determine if they are fit for consumption
  • Identify carcasses and portions of carcasses suspected of disease
  • Meat inspectors monitor the operations and sanitary conditions of slaughtering and meat processing plants and inspect carcasses to ensure they are fit for consumption.

What training do I need?
Federal government meat inspectors undergo a three year on-the-job training program. Provincial government inspectors undergo a two year on-the-job training program.

Completion of high school is required and higher education in agriculture, biology, chemistry, food processing technology or a related discipline is definitely an asset. Completion of in-house training courses is normally required. Also consider enrolling at one of Canada’s post secondary meat training programs to gain a meat cutting certificate; helping you move up more quickly in your career, Meat inspectors need the ability to communicate well in person and in writing and must be able to pay close attention to details. They should enjoy having clear rules and organized methods for their work, analyzing information, and dealing with people.

What kind of salary and working conditions can I expect?
Depending on your level of experience, and your provincial standards, Meat Inspectors can typically earn approximately $50,000 to $80,000(est.) a year depending on wither they hold Provincial or Federal licensing.

What are my career options?
Meat inspection is a career which is in demand anywhere in Canada. Training in this industry will allow you to choose your own location to work.