Northern and NorthMart are a leading retailer to rural communities and urban neighbourhood markets.

Northern / NorthMart

Who we are

  • Northern and NorthMart are a leading retailer to rural communities and urban neighbourhood markets.
  • Our stores offer a broad range of products and services with an emphasis on food.
  • Our value offer is to be the best local shopping choice for everyday household and local lifestyle needs.
  • Northern and NorthMart stores carry food and general merchandise, serving remote, Northern Canadian communities.
  • Northern and NorthMart are the first shopping choice in its markets thanks to having local selection, being in stock at the right time, helpful, friendly service and unwavering community support.
Northern Meat Department Team

Meat department

  • Our meat departments are very important to our customers.
  • The team ensures that product is displayed and priced to sell to customers.
  • Meat includes chicken, pork, and beef as well as fish and seafood in the fresh and frozen cases.

How many stores?

  • We currently have over 40 stores with a meat production department
  • We have many stores with case-ready meat (meat that is packaged and cut off-site)
  • We have over 130 retail stores located in communities across Northern Canada
  • We are always expanding and re-developing meat departments in many of our communities


  • You will be trained at one of our training stores, example locations include:
    • Rossville, MB
    • Moosonee, ON
    • Inuvik, NWT


  • During the first several months of your training, you will learn:
    • Basic knife skills and knowledge of meat cuts on various species
    • Safe food handling techniques and sanitation procedures
    • How to prepare meat for sale – weighing it, wrapping it, putting it on display, etc
    • Various cooking methods
    • You will get real-time experience of how our logistics work
    • Fly-in, ice road, Sealift, road stores
Evan Fontaine from La Loche, SK.

Career Growth

You will have the opportunity to grow and advance in your career
Evan Fontaine from La Loche, SK.

Started off as a student, worked as a meat cutter and trained in our stores. He is now the Meats Department Manager.


Main Takeaways

  • You get to learn a valuable/diminishing trade
  • You will train on-location
  • You have the opportunity to grow in your career
  • You can make a difference in the communities we serve by helping provide essential goods and services
  • You can bring new skills and knowledge back to your community

Current Meat Department Positions

La Loche Grand Reopening Meat Department Video