Chapter 10: Charcuterie

Over the centuries charcuterie (sausage making) has developed into an art and with the demand for artisanal products on the rise has seen a renewed interest.

This chapter provides information on the 5 classifications of sausages, a clear succinct description of each, their production and some manufacturing basics. Included is the importance of raw product and material selection, meat, flavourings and spices. The subject of restricted ingredients is defined, and their usage is explained. Other non-meat ingredients used in the production and processing of sausage and sausage items are also listed and described. Briefly discussed is the role of water activity, the grinding of meats, the mixing of meat blocks and seasonings, and the making of emulsions.

Important to all charcuterie operations are the regulations governing the production, processing, storage and handling, and labelling of products. The chapter has an appendix emphasizing these regulations.

Highlighting this chapter are practical applications in the formulation of brines, fat calculations, restricted ingredients calculations and recipes for each of the 5 classifications of sausage.