Great News and opportunity for BC Apprentice Meat Cutters:

The BC Meat Cutter Apprenticeship a designated NON-RED SEAL Program under the (ITA) Industry training Authority; offers TAX CREDITS for apprentices

On completion of Level 1 and 1500 hours (WBT) = $1,000
On completion of Level 2 and 3000 hours (WBT) = $1,000
On achievement of certification (CofQ) including the 4,500 WBT hours) = $2,000
(WBT) Work based training.
(CofQ) Certificate of qualification

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As an experienced Meat Cutter how many hours must I accumulate to qualify and challenge the Trade Qualification examination? Also for Out of Province Meat Cutters

  • This option is for Meat Cutters already working in Industry that have had no prior formal apprenticeship training.
  • Must have documented proof of 6750 hours of previous Industry work experience
  • This exam is processed directly through the ITA
  • There is a fee to write the exam.
  • Study prior to the exam is recommended (Packages should be available in the near future)
  • The (CPMCA ) Canadian Professional Meat Cutters Association Meat Cutter training manual used to train both Entry Level trainees and Meat Cutter Apprentices is available through the CPMCA Treasurer: Ken Jakes at 236-425-1972 or e-mail : cpmca100@gmail.com or kenjakes48@gmail.com
  • In the event that you fail the exam you can apply to write the paper again at a later date as determined by the ITA
  • Should you fail a second time you would be recommended to take up-grading as determined by the ITA.
  • This could mean taking Apprenticeship training at TRU in Kamloops.
  • Out of Province Meat Cutters:
  • Meat cutters from other Provinces wishing to gain a BC Meat Cutter certificate of qualification (CofQ) can complete their required hours of training in their home Province
  • However you are required to write the (CofQ) examination in BC and provide valid photo ID.