Rob Stewart

I would like to thank Canada Beef and the Canadian Meat Cutters Association for the Canadian Beef Meat
Cutters Award for 2023. This is an unexpected but appreciated award. It’s great to see that
there is support from the Industry for new Cutters. What started out as an interest has become
a passion.
That passion has been nourished by Corey Davison and Amber Corbett at the Retail
Meat Cutting Course at TRU. Their dedication to Meat Cutting and Teaching is a blessing to
students. Knowing how to break down a carcass is just a small part of the course. The business
side and the value added is so important in this industry and you get an indepth look at how it’s
all done. Being ready for the workforce is huge and I feel like I’m ready right out of the course. I
am excited to finish my level 2 in 2024 and continue to obtain my hours to be trade certified.
Then the sky’s the limit as far as career goes. Learn,Learn,Learn
Rob. Stewart