The current Fanshawe College Meat Cutter program ends January 2020.

The new ‘Professional Butchery Techniques’ program will start September 2020 and is delivered in two 15-week semesters.

Program overview & description:

Professional Butchery Techniques is an Ontario College Certificate program that will provide

students with the comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge to be successful in the growing

meat processing industry. Throughout the program, students will engage with industry professionals

to learn the latest techniques for meat cutting, with a focus on specific skills in trimming, de-boning,

carcass breakdown, and sausage making. Additionally, students will learn how to package and

market meat products for resale. The program will have a strong emphasis on sanitation and food

safety. Throughout the two-semester program, students will have the opportunity both to work

substantially in the lab, practicing hands-on skills, and to build customer service and entrepreneurial

skills by participating in the launch and operation of a small business: a full-service retail meat